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SOLID Considered Harmful Part 1: S....

Tags: all SOLID Programming     Feb 13 2018

SOLID) principles, developed by Robert Martin a.k.a. "Uncle Bob", are amongst the most cited by programmers. I believe that many of them are misunderstood, misapplied, overrated, and all too often they much less important than other software engineering principles.

New Website Infrastructure-2

Previously, I described using metalsmith and Netlify to build this website. But there was still an issue that I couldn't "blog from my tablet while sipping margaritas on a sailboat".

Serviceworker Presentation

Tags: all JavaScript Serviceworker WebApp     Dec 18 2017

Last week I presented an instructional demo about ServiceWorkers at the Port Townsend Web Developers Meetup. Seemed to go well many of them were excited about the possibilities.

Updating an Old Node.js Project

Tags: all JavaScript NodeJS OpenShift     Nov 28 2017

Note: This is a slightly modified version of an earlier post. See changes at bottom.

New Website Infrastructure-1

Tags: all metalsmith cloud-services     Nov 03 2017

For the last year my website was hosted on a traditional ISP (A Small Orange) which offered all the basics, plus the unusual option to host a Ghost blog. Ghost was fine, no real complaints, though I wasn't really using it often. When my yearly contract was coming up for renewal, the smart and easy move would be to just pay some money and renew, but I starting thinking about alternatives

ES6 Generators for the Nosy

Tags: all JavaScript ES6 generators     Aug 14 2017

JavaScript ES6 adds a new construct called a generator. They appear function-like, but don't be fooled, there are a lot of differences. In fact, the more you know the less like a "function" they seem.