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Updating an Old Node.js Project

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Note: This is a slightly modified version of an earlier post. See changes at bottom.

New Website Infrastructure-1

Tags: all metalsmith cloud-services     Nov 03 2017

For the last year my website was hosted on a traditional ISP (A Small Orange) which offered all the basics, plus the unusual option to host a Ghost blog. Ghost was fine, no real complaints, though I wasn't really using it often. When my yearly contract was coming up for renewal, the smart and easy move would be to just pay some money and renew, but I starting thinking about alternatives

ES6 Generators for the Nosy

Tags: all JavaScript ES6 generators     Aug 14 2017

JavaScript ES6 adds a new construct called a generator. They appear function-like, but don't be fooled, there are a lot of differences. In fact, the more you know the less like a "function" they seem.