Morgan Conrad


Gather NOAA wind and temperature predictions for navigation software

A Microsoft Azure Function which gathers wind and temperature predictions from NOAA, then collates them for use by navigational software.



  1. read result information (such as time and date) from previous run (JSON)
  2. Check NOAA for latest data
    • parse through the HTTP to find latest available data folder,
    • return date, time, and list of available files
  3. see if date/hour has changed, and enough files available
    • sometimes the new folder is present but not all files are present (we ask for 48 hours)
    • exit if nothing new
  4. Download files
    • create local directory for downloads
    • set levels and vars to only download the data we need
      • 100x savings in bandwidth and disk space
  5. Create many individual grids, 10 degrees by 10 degrees (at .25 resolution = 40x40)
    • loop over latitude, longitude
    • create temp directory
    • for each file, get data for that grid
      • I developed custom pygrib/numpy code to quickly slice and dice
    • proprietary code to compress to 8 bits per measurement
      • convert u,v (wind) to norm, direction
      • temperature
    • append to outputfile
    • at end of loop, delete download files
  6. "Layer" the grids
  7. create new JSON status document

Uses Python 3.8 Azure Functions Azure Storage NumPy NOAA