Morgan Conrad

Recent Projects



Lightweight and elegant HTTP response header management. Includes "safe" settings similar to helmet
JavaScript nodejs NPM


Node.js / Express website to find upcoming dog agility trials.
HTML5 CSS3 nodejs JavaScript mongoDB Heroku


NPM module to read FCS 3.0 format Flow Cytometry data files
JavaScript nodejs NPM Flow Cytometry


I spent some 25 years developing innovative software and algorithms to acquire, analyze, display and store data from biotech instrumentation, mainly in Java. See "Past Experience" below.

Since the world is moving to the web, so am I, becoming conversant in JavaScript, Node.js, PHP and Python on the back end, and HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript on the front end. Consider me a "full-ish" stack developer.

Most of my recent projects involve acquiring (see BayNode Meetup talk), distilling (see NextQ), and integrating data (e.g. map data) from outside sources. I'm getting pretty good at that.

If you need help merging outside data into your web project, please contact me.

Past Experience: Instrumentation

Past Experience: Applications

Most of this work was done in C or Java/Swing using desktop PCs. I'm continuing to do some contract work in these fields.