Morgan Conrad


NPM package to read FCS format data files

NPM / JavaScript module to read the FCS 3.0 format data files used in Flow Cytometry. The primary purpose of this module is to quickly read a file and access the metadata key/value pairs stored in the TEXT segment. These include information about the date, instrument, reagents, etc.

One could also get a quick and dirty look at the raw data, but serious data analysis is probably best done in a commercial package. Since FCS files can be very large, the option to read only a subset of the data is available.

Unit tests use mocha and Node's assert. CI is performed by Travis CI

Currently has 7 Stars on Github. Example (skeletal) usage:

const FCS = require('fcs');
const fs = require('fs');

fs.readFile(filename, function(err, databuf) {
   // ignore err in this example
   var fcs = new FCS({}, databuf);
   var allParameterNames = fcs.get$PnX('N');

   // prints ['', 'FSC, 'SSC', 'FL1-H', ...]
Uses JavaScript nodejs NPM Flow Cytometry