Morgan Conrad

Svelte Meetup Demo

Meetup talk and demo about Svelte and SvelteKit


I talked about Svelte and SvelteKit at our recent Port Townsend Web Developer's Meetup. In preparation, I created a github repository, ptwd-sveltedemo, which gave rough examples of how one might use Svelte in various ways.

As mentioned in the github readme, the "site" is a mishmash of various things, mainly intended to illustrate possibilities.

Ths site is also live on netlify. It features

My Thoughts

Svelte and SvelteKit are approachable and appealing. There's occasional "what's that?" at the syntax, but, overall, most everything looks like HTML, a template language, or JavaScript. The tutorials provide a good bottom up viewpoint. I would have appreciated more information from a top-down perspective.


Reactions vere very favorable.