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Metalsmith plugins

Metalsmith is a pluggable file processor, built on NodeJS, generally used for creating static web sites.

The Metalsmith documentation is sparse, so I ended up writing a couple of plugins for debugging: **assert** and **inspect**. In developing them, it inspired two others: **cp-r** and **keymaster**.

All these modules are open-source, in JavaScript, available on NPM and GitHub, and use Tape for unit tests. CI is performed by Travis CI and test coverage compiled by Coveralls.

### [metalsmith-assert]( Test file objects with Node's assert module. For example, to test that all have a property named "title":
    "title exists" : { actual: "title"}
} ) )

### [metalsmith-cp-r]( Copies a folder recursively, typically to copy web assets (CSS, scripts, images) from the working directory into the metalsmith destination directory. e.g.:
   from: "_directory/pathto/assets",
   to: "_destination/pathto/assets"
} ) )

### [metalsmith-inspect]( Inspects the file objects, typically via Node's [util.inspect()]( To see everything:

### [metalsmith-keymaster]( A relatively simple but powerful plugin to create new values and store them under new keys. Since that's what _most_ plugins do, this could be considered as a "meta-plugin" for developing plugins.

For example, to add the filename as metadata under the "foo" key:

.use(keymaster({from: function(data, filePath) {
                   return filePath;
                to: 'foo'}));

### [metalsmith-get-contentful]( Reads content from Contentful, places into metalsmith "files" for processing (e.g. by Markdown)

To grab all "projects", use their field "slug" as a filename, and put them under the path "/projects/{slug}.md"

   client: {
      space: '<space_id>',
      accessToken: '<access_token>'
   query : {
      content_type: 'project'
   msFiles : {
      idField: 'slug',
      filename: "projects/${id}.md"
} ) )
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